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Since our opening in 2019, we have strictly enforced internationally recognized health standards and regulations for guests and employees. That said, in light of the recent global pandemic, we fully recognize that continuing to improve every aspect of our health and safety measures is more important than ever.


We have developed a comprehensive and enhanced cleaning and sanitation plan consisting of added prevention measures throughout all aspects of the guest and team member experience. Each department has its own set of procedures that are put in place to maintain the health and well-being of our guests and employees. This plan was carefully formulated with the guidance of local and national governments, in addition to best practices and guidelines established by the WHO and CDC. We will continue to refine and modify the plan based on new developments or information.



On the following pages, you will find a summary of our enhanced protocols, which we hope will give you some comfort and peace of mind when planning your next vacation with us.



The health, well-being and safety of our guests and employees are the number one priority.


Hand wipes and sanitizers:Antibacterial hand sanitizing stations will be placed at the hotel entrance, reception area, meeting spaces, and any other public areas where contact between guests and/or employees is possible.


Additional signage:Signage has been placed throughout internal and guest areas to remind guests and employees of important health and hygiene protocols, such as proper handwashing technique and practicing social distancing.


Medical assistance:Employees have been instructed to follow the correct protocol for identifying and/or responding to suspected cases of the virus or any other illness. The staff is ready to help all guests receive proper medical assistance as needed. We have a network of doctors.


Minimum contact:Guests and employees across various hotel communication channels are encouraged to minimize physical contact as much as possible, such as handshakes. Instead, they are encouraged to use the contactless greeting that we have implemented and will promote.


The following protocols apply to all hotel staff in every department.


Hand washing:The hotel has instructed all employees to follow proper handwashing techniques every 60 minutes, or at the following times: when using the bathroom, sneezing, touching the face, contact with another person, blowing the nose, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, smoking, eating, drinking, taking a break, and before or after starting a shift. If a sink is not available, employees are instructed to use an alcohol-based sanitizer. This is enforced through close monitoring and documentation by supervisors.


Training:All employees receive comprehensive training on COVID-19 safety protocols; this includes training on identifying flu-like or virus-like symptoms among guests, and following a firm protocol for reporting to a medical official if necessary. Additionally, all employees receive training on global sanitation standards set by third parties, such as Ecolab.


Employee Health Checks:All employees will be closely monitored for any flu- or virus-related symptoms upon entering and leaving hotel facilities daily, including a temperature reading. If employees feel sick or experience any symptoms, they are instructed to stay home and immediately report it to their supervisor.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):All employees will be required to wear the appropriate PPE based on their role and responsibilities and in compliance with government regulations and medical guidance. This includes authorized masks, face shields and gloves.



The hotel uses products such as Ecolab, Clean/clean, Zeus and Prolimp and cleaning standards that meet EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines and are approved for use and are effective against viruses and bacteria.


Common areas:We have increased the frequency of deep cleaning and disinfecting all common and public spaces (in addition to areas in the back of the property) with an emphasis on high-touch surfaces such as reception desks, door handles, public restrooms, room keys and locks, handrails, tables, dining areas, lounge areas and more.



  • Extremely strict disinfection protocols and globally recognized standards are used to clean guest rooms, with an emphasis on high-touch surfaces such as televisions, remote controls, faucets, door handles, cabinets and drawers, curtains, light switches, air thermostats conditioning, decoration and more.

  • Printed collateral, such as menus or flyers, are laminated and will be continuously disinfected.

  • New protocols include minimizing team member interaction with guests inside the room, including serving while the guest is not in the room.


Air conditioning and filters:The frequency of air filter replacement and system cleaning will be increased.


Laundry:All bedding and laundry will be changed regularly and will continue to be laundered in accordance with international sanitation standards. Dirty clothes will be bagged in the room to eliminate excess contact while being transported to the laundry room.



Guests and employees are instructed to practice physical distancing by standing 1.5 meters away from other groups not traveling with them; this includes standing in lines and walking through the hotel.


Colocación de muebles: Se ha reorganizado la colocación de muebles en áreas comunes como lobby y otros espacios públicos y áreas internas para permitir un mayor espacio entre los huéspedes y los empleados.


Filas: Todas las áreas donde los invitados o empleados se forman se marcarán claramente para un distanciamiento físico apropiado. Esto incluye check-in, check-out y lobby.


Restaurante: Reducirá la capacidad de asientos para permitir un mínimo de 1.5 metros entre cada grupo / grupo de invitados sentado.





We have analyzed each step of the guest journey and defined specific protocols for each aspect that will ensure the safety and well-being of guests and employees, while maintaining the level of service you expect.


Check-in & Check-out

  • Baggage: Luggage items will be disinfected upon guest arrival by the person at reception. Specified area for disinfection.

  • Temperature check: Guest temperatures will be checked upon arrival using a digital thermometer. Anyone showing a temperature above 38°C/100.4°F will be moved to a private area, and a nearby doctor will be called in to take a second reading. Guests with elevated temperatures will not be able to enter the hotel.

  • Room keys: All hotel keys will be sanitized before being provided to guests.

  • Registration Forms and Invoices: Upon requesting guests to sign registration forms or invoices, guests will be provided with a sanitized pen that will be disposed of in a “USED” bin for immediate sanitization by staff. Disinfectant wipes available at the check-in counter.

  • IDs and Credit Cards: As it is required to keep a copy of official ID / and a credit card on file, the scanner will be sanitized between each use.



We will continue to strengthen internationally recognized methods of identifying and managing food safety risks, including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, and adhering to its stringent global brand standards as well as third-party standards.


Buffet service:Buffets are suspended, a la carte service will be provided. Instead, the food will be served by staff wearing authorized protective equipment and gloves to ensure maximum hygiene measures.

In front of the guest, the table, chair will be sanitized and the table will be set up in front of him with all the dishes and utensils freshly sanitized in the kitchen.


Menus:Restaurant menus are available through the hotel app and through a QR that will be disinfected and placed on the table.


These practices focus on safeguarding the health and well-being of our guests and employees. We look forward to welcoming you to comfortably enjoy a safe environment and an immersive vacation experience at Casa Laní.


For more information on our precautionary measures and protocols, you can visit the hotel's website.



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